What to look for in SRI

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Going through endless annual, governance and different CSR reporting seems to me as an inclusion of too many parameters. So what should I look for? I have take out some quick headlines.

Operating Profit – Is always a winner as it tells me if a company is able to generate a profit. As an investor this is of cause always important but it does not tell me how this profit was generated.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) – How does earnings look compared to the number of shares issued. An important indicator if earnings were generated on the basis selling stock.

ROAReturn on Assets also called a number of other things but gives an indicator if the company could be over or undervalued. ROA is also a indicator of how well the company assets are managed.

ROE – Return on Equity looks at the how well the company is able to reinvest my money.

ROICReturn on Capital Invested a little broader than ROE, but it tells me how well the capital that the company has at its disposal Is reinvested in the company.

P/E – Profits and Earnings Ratio gives me an indicator of how expensive or cheap a given stock is. It looks at Market CAP (the share price times the total number of shares) divided by its earnings after tax etc. per share (EPS)

Beta – How volatile is the stock. More volatile stock are more risky but can also help me archive my goals.

Governance – How does the composition of the board and executive management looks like. How many years have they been in their position, education, gender, ethnicity, age.  

CSR – I will be looking at their CSR standards and charters but mainly to find out how integrated the systems are imbedded into the rest of the organisation. 

Press and News – A quick rundown on the headlines that the organization have been subjected to. Just to get another perspective.

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