Short or Long term investments

SRI are never short term. You cant do technical analysis on your SRI portfolio and make a difference. Under any circumstances a investment of this kind is for 3 to 5 years or longer so I’m looking for sound structures. Here are some pointers which can be used as a guide for both SRI and regular investment portfolios. However, one con come of with a good start if you buy at a “technical” low if for nothing else then for ones own moral.

When the initial screening is done and the list of companies which is eligible for investments is complete one need to time the buy. Good questions to ask are?

  • Is there any news that will serious effect the stock price in general (Big news on CNN etc.)
  • What about the company is there any current news to be noted?
  • Will the company send out a financial report any time soon?
  • How does the technical analysis look like. Are we at a buy or sell position is it a bear or bull market?

 Basically is an SRI approach just like any other investment strategy except you factor in some long-term social norms. I will keep you posted on any new approaches I can think of but my best guess is that these four basic screens will get you a long way.


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