CSR Trends 2010 from PwC and Craib

The PwC and Craib report on CSR trends is out. It is always interesting to read about what the big auditing companies think is important within CSR and how the perceive what is going on. In most cases they will set the tone for what will be accepted by companies around the world.

The major focus is on corporate communication and how CSR is presented. As they point out in the report is there no or very little focus on what these companies are really doing. In my mind this points to the very essence of the problems we in the CSR community is facing. We tend to look upon CSR an exercise in communicating effectively rather than a way for companies to identify and change poor and unethical behavior.

An example can be found in that Goldcorp was just included in the Dow Jones sustainability index despite claims that it violated workers rights in it operations in Guatemala.

I know that it will take a lot of effort for companies to show materiality in their CSR work but in the long-term it will show that their work for a more sustainability is more than mere PR.

You can find the PwC and Craib report below and even though I might come across a bit critical it is worth a read.


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