Portfolio management

SRI strategies entails that you create a portfolio made up of assets which in some way have been screened for the ethical behavior. I have been researching different alternatives in order to “spice” up my own ideas for screening and this is the list I came up with.

  1. Ethical Negative Screening: Avoiding Companies based on ethics, moral or religious grounds
  2. Environmental/social negative screening: Avoiding companies based on their damage to the environment or due to social issues. 
  3. Positive Screening: The active inclusion of companies based on their environmental or social benefit.
  4. Community and social investing: Allocation to capital to companies whos mission is to produce social returns.
  5. Best in class: Invest in companies that show bet is class capabilities in their industry in relation to environmental and social issues.
  6. Financial weighted best in class: Actively inclusion of companies who outperform their peers on financially material environmental and social criteria.
  7. Sustainability themes: Investing in companies who have a “green” product.
  8. Constructive engagement: Invest and encurage dialouge with companies to include more ESG issues.
  9. Shareholder activism: Use shareholder rights to pressure companies to change environmental, social and governance issues.
  10. Intergrated analysis: Actively include ESG criteria within conventional fund management.
  11. Norms-based Screening: Avidong companies who do not subscribe to international standards and norms such as Global compact and OECD guidelines for governance etc.

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