The cost of Whistleblowing

Bernard Madoff's mugshot

Image via Wikipedia

One the areas that we are not often confronted with is the cost that the whistleblower pays when he or she is out of the spotlight and the world returns to “normal”. Mark Madoff is one of the heroes of this world as he exposed his father’s 50 billion USD ponzi scheme. Today it was announced that Mark killed himself as the pressure of being left without friends and looking at a 200 million law suit.

Mark is one of the heroes of the financial crisis he took the ethical decision at great personal risk and turned to the police, when he found out that his and his family’s life was based on a lie. His tragic end also highlights what risks the whistleblower is exposed to. In this case the loss of close friends who invested in his father’s investment firm and the loss of former colleagues.  

We will all meet corruption is some form during our lives and we when confronted with the dilemma of keeping a secret/paying or risking the consequences of exposure. Mark took that decision and he has now paid the ultimate price for doing so.  

 Read more abou the case in the NY times.


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