Christmas in Abu Dhabi

A Christmas tree for 11 million dollars that is the price tag on this holiday tradition for a hotel in Abu Dhabi. The 40 foot three is decorated with gold silver and 181 diamonds, pearls emeralds sapphires etc. the proud manager Hans Olbertz called it the “most expensive Christmas ever” and he continues “The tree itself is about 10,000 dollars…The jewelry has a value of over 11 million dollars”.

Apparently is the Christmas spirit not rare in the United Arab Emirates, which is officially Muslim but hosts a significant foreign population so called expacts. Shopping malls in the country are full of carolers, Santas and apparently very expensive threes. However, there have been some raised voices about turning the country into a light version of Hollywood.

I would guess that the money from the economic crisis had to go somewhere and it look like it went to the Middle East. With millions of people getting unemployed, companies closing and faced with a worldwide rescission it is good to know that the extremely rich will have something nice to look at.

Here is a hotel that really needs help on their CSR efforts.


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