Massive clean-up at the UN Global Compact

Finally is what we have been waiting for actually happened. The UN has decided to expel companies that have failed to complete their communication on progress and this time it is not only a few rotten apples. 

For years the UN have been under critique for not enforcing their own policy on expelling companies that failed to report on their communication on progress or COP. On paper the COP is not a big task to complete and with “only” ten areas of reporting it should be possible for most companies even with small resources to come up with some type of reporting. But it seems that for a lot of companies it is more than just a small administrative issue.

“This is a significant move forward for the Global Compact,” said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the Global Compact. “It will provide deeper incentives at both ends of the performance spectrum, and help stakeholders critically assess the performance and progress of our companies.”

This step brings the number of participating organizations down to 6600.

Among the companies expelled are names such as Allianz in France, Barclays Bank Gambia, Euronext France, GlaxoSmithKline Bulgaria, Air India, BASF (with several sites) and Nordea Bank Finland.

Here you can view the complete Expelled_List_2011_01_20.

I will try to digg deeper but I just wanted to spread the good word.


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