Amazon maps the US green movement

Amazon have made a survey of purchases across the US and have found that some places are more environmental aware than others. Using its sales figures Amazon has found out which states are purchasing the most environmentally friendly products. The study showed that California, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the places that purchase the most sustainable products across all categories, compared to the national average.

The analysis also looked at Water conservation, Energy savings, Organic foods and Green Parenting. Based on purchases of environmental books, Vermont, Montana, and Washington, DC residents top our list of Most Well-Read Environmentalists. On a local level, Missoula, Montana residents just might be way more environmentally knowledgeable than the rest, with well over five times the national average of environmental book purchases.

Acording to Amazon they see the analysis as evidence that”The regionality of Amazon’s maps is evidence against the tendency to think of the Internet as an enabler of irresponsible, far-flung purchases. Yes, the Internet does make it possible for people to buy extravagant things from exotic places. But it also makes it easier for people to find things they need to live greener lives at home. And that’s what Amazon’s customers are doing, wherever their home happens to be.”

At least I found the evidence interesting even though that the internet has made the world more flat and that we have become victims of our own consumerism. You can judge for your self.

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