Corporate Volunteering – news for European CSR

Flag of the Red Cross

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The trend of Corporate Volunteering have reach the shores of europe and have taken many different forms. in short is it about it a collaborative arrangement in which a company provides services for a cultural or humanitarian organisation such as Red Cross or a activity in the local community. In the US this have been part of the social system for decades but in Europe the phenomena is much less organised or seen as playing any part in the social system in general. That is until now.

The social system is changing as big NGOs and local communities are starting to organize volunteering on a larger and more integrated way as part of a general trend towards more liberal forms of government. We se more and more core social activities being performed by people who have a ‘good hart’ rather than a formal education. The field of volunteer activities are quite broad ranging from helping out at the local school when the teacher is off to taking care of the elderly and sick.

As the a local festival outside copenhagen that for years have been based on you volunteers to make out the bulk of the workforce tries to sell the message:

“There are gains for all partners involved in corporate volunteering. Roskilde Festival is assisted in the execution and qualification the festival, the company’s image is strengthened, as is its ability to attract qualified labour, and employees are more motivated and proud of their workplace.”

There are even websites created by governmental bodies promoting and helping people who wants to work with volunteer work or who wants to create their own volunteer organisation.

For some this is nothing new but for states with well expanded and advanced social security systems this is quite a revolution.


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