How to loose 17 billion

Flag of Iraq, 1991-2004

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Not of American money. Not American money. I don’t think that you will find that anybody is arguing that there was corruption in the American programs.  – Condoleezza Rice, 2008

Throughout the U.S. occupation of Iraqbillions in tax dollars have been lost due to corruption and incompetence. Some of the most egregious losses have been via “American programs”:

– The Coalition Provisional Authority delivered 363 tons of cash on an airplane, totaling $12 billion, to Iraq “without assurance the monies were properly used or accounted for.”

– The State Dept spent $36.4 million dollars on weapons and equipment that could not be accounted for because “invoices were vague and there was no backup documentation“.

– Top contractor KBR came under fire last year from government investigators foroverpricing its contract by $2 billion, which, for example, included overstating labor costs by 51 percent.

– State Dept. employees testified in May 2008 that the U.S. “allowed corruption to fester at the highest levels of the Iraqi government,” resulting in the loss ofbillions in U.S. tax dollars.

Looking at how things have developed since and the numbers seem to just grow and grow and the number now is around 17 billion USD unaccounted for. One must just the Americans and their ability to loose things 🙂 I think that anybody else would be really, really upset and would have started throwing people in jail.

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