War relic recycling

The Atlantic Wall (defence built by Nazi Germa...

Image via Wikipedia

A long the costs of Europe there are several thousand bunkers which were part of the Atlantic wall the Germans build in order to keep the US and England from opening a second front to the west. All these bunkers are now taking up space because they were so well build that they are close to impossible to destroy. In Denmark alone it is estimated that there are around 4000 bunkers on the western part of the country alone.

So now these bunkers have been there for the past 60 years and it looks like they will continue to be there for anther 60 or 100 years to come. The question is what we should do with them? According to a local entrepreneur I meet it would cost approximately around 600’000 euro to build a bunker with the same dimensions in todays currency so they do represent some sort of value.

At the moment they are used as tourist attractions and museums for people who wants to learn about the great Atlantic wall but could we not use them for more than that? Such as rehearsal room for you artists, cheap hotels or something all together new maybe. Well I leave it to you to come up with some ideas, until then here are the picture I took to stimulate the entrepreneurial mind.

Its the kids in front of the last bunker just to display the size of these things.


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