The wonders of technology – a visit to the technical museum

My son Silas and I were at the technical museum today. Even though neither of us are tech-geeks it is a place of wonder and amazement. The museum is under transformation under new management from an old and dusty dwelling were one can look at the wonders of steam engines and old cars into a place that captures the essence of technological innovation. We have been coming to the museum on a regular basis ones a year since the kids could walk and the conversion from place of information to one of communication is amazing one could almost feel the energy in the rooms. Technical museum Denmark One of the things we thought was really interesting was the evolution of the personal computer and its components. I took the liberty to take a few snapshots of what we saw. The first Danish Computer called DASK that had a capacity of around 5Kbytes, which later was extended to around 40Kbytes. The thing had a weight of 3,5 tones! First danish computer We also came across my first computer the commodore 64 complete with tape recorder and floppy disks for the really advanced. This was my first computer and the instrument where I learned the first programming codes and while my abilities were somewhat rudimentary at the time it did give me some knowledge of the basics. A nostalgic moment I tell you… my son however was not impressed. personal computer The last two pictures are of what we today would call RAM-units the first one is about 15cm by 10 cm complete with transistors etc. and the second one is about the size of my thumb. In just a few years one can witness the ability to transform something that is seemingly endlessly complex into smaller and smaller unites and at the same time make them more and more powerful. Somehow I feel more optimistic on behalf of human kind after a vist to the Technical museum… you should go as well     First generation RAM unit Second generation RAM


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