From leader to follower – the impact of Danish CSR legislation

One would epact that countries that have a dedicated CSR law would also be the ones that would lead the pack on reporting. However according to the latest KPMG International survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting is Denmark at best a slow follower behind countries like India, Spain, Hungary, China and South Korea just to name a few.

Traditionally the Danes have though of them selves as the “inventors” quality reporting on CSR with companies like NovoNordisk, Novozymes and Danisco at the very top. But it would seem that success have fostered complacency and now just about everybody have overtaken this ones a beacon of CSR reporting. According to KPMG we have moved from Quality to Quantity as we see more and more reporting being done but the quality of these reports does not seem to follow. One might think that having a dedicated CSR law would foster quality but it would seem that it is the other way around.

It should not be that difficult to follow the law as it is quite easy to come up with a policy, create a report and act on its findings. But it looks like that most companies have focused on the letter of the law rather than internalising CSR as part of the business. This leads to the dilemma if CSR should be voluntary or involuntary as s the case in Denmark at least for the 1100 biggest companies.

If the KPMG survey is true it could mean that a voluntary approach foster quality in reporting such as in the areas of IT, Assurance, Integration, use of standards and use of communication channels. While a law approach would mean that one gets more CSR reporting but at a lower quality.

One could argue that quality will come as time passes and it is only a matter of getting the right tools implemented. But if one looks at the CSR reporting discourse that Danish companies have taken it would seem that companies goes for the lowest common denominator.

In my mind Danish companies have taken a clear and present competitive advantage and turned it into a exercise in cost reduction. Shame on you….

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