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Ever wondered in what direction your business strategy should go. You might have a idea that you want to “do-no-harm” but how is that going to work when you are in a business that trade in parts of the world that everybody know is in trouble.

SRI-portfolio and Identitas works with companies in order to help them navigate on difficult markets using the tools of Risk management, Quality systems and Corporate Social Responsibility.

If you want to attract institutional and social responsible investors you will need to know how to navigate the web of standards and reports. But you also need you employees to take the right decisions in the day-to-day running of your business.

I offer the following services:

Social Auditing and Risk assessment

  • An independent review on performance without biased opinions that take into account the opinions needs and interest as expressed by your stakeholders ensuring a review that reflects the organizational reality.
  • Access to a accurate and comprehensive risk assessment reporting system that will ensure that strategic decisions are made on a informed basis.


  • Specialised seminars on topics related to your business or industry related to efficient ethical supply chain management.
  • Understanding and creating risk management systems
  • Industry specific Corporate Social Responsibility related to current challenges

Training and Education

  • Basic understanding of CSR in a international and local context (1 day)
  • Strategic partnerships (2 Days)
  • CSR in difficult markets (3 Days
  • CSR, Governance and Public-Private Partnerships (5 Days)
  • Customized cources on CSR legislation, Quality management, Communiation strategies, CSR Govenance, Business Ethics thinking

Research and Investigative Reports

  • Different types of country, Industry, project or company specific investigative reports

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