Women on boards study from Cranfield School of Management

It is always a pleasure to post good news especially when it is on an area that I think is important. Women in top management and on boards have a significant positive impact on corporate governance, financial performance and stakeholder engagement.

I would like to see a gendered approach to HRM and recruitment policies being implemented as part of a strategic effort to strengthen the corporate backbone. Some of the research I have done in the area on how this can be done could actually be made to work if companies believed that corporate executives have to grown using the corporate pipeline.


Women on Boards six month review

Stakeholder Theory explained

Here is a video by Edward (Ed) Freeman on stakeholder theory and what he means by organizations need to engage with the community, customers, business partners and other interested parties. I think the stakeholder theory is central to the concept of CSR and if one wants to understand business ethics, corporate governance, triple-bottom line, and other concepts within the CSR discourse one also need to understand how stakeholders and stakeholder theory plays a central part. Enjoy.