Videos on three areas of sustainability

The struggle for a better environment and a place for all of us to live.

A video on anti-corruption and not least some of the most hidden aspects of how it affects our lives I think it is a great interpretation by Saudi Arabian students. Thanks

Remembering that fraud also have many faces and that just because it is wrapped in a nice looking package it is still cheating and lying creating a asymmetric system of knowledge.

How CSR legislation is building responsible growth

I’m often asked about how the danish approach to CSR is being opperationalised in the legislation that have been implemented last year. I have found a few videos on the subject and I think it is fairly well explained.
It should be noted that while the videos show a very positive view on the how things are going in Denmark. The reality is that about 60% of the companies that should report according to the legislation have failed to do so until now.

The first video gives a overview of the legislation and the initiatives that some of the most progressive companies have engaged in.

The second focus on governance, partnerships and the business case.

The third looks at CSR as a way to retain competitive advantage and how companies can build on their efforts differentiate themselves.