Different but still the same

This is the time for annual reporting and by that also comes all the nonfinancial statements. CSR reports are being produced which in principle should give all of us a insight into how the organizations are doing on Environmental, Social and Governance issues. But after I have been going through about a dozen it dawns on me that even though I’m all for standardization and systems etc. the reports isn’t really telling me anything.

It is almost as if the CSR reporting from all the big companies around are being produced by the same person(s).

For example these example from Eriksson

“Reducing our own environmental impact and that of our products is an important part of Ericsson‘s sustainability focus.  Ericsson is on track with the Group target to reduce its carbon footprint by 40 percent over five years (2009-2013).”

Or A.M.Møller-Maersk

“Our largest business unit and contributor to our carbon footprint, Maersk line, have set an ambitious goal of a 20% reduction of Co2 per container transported by 2017. We will reach our goal through efficient operations and technological innovation.”

Or Danisco

“We have reduced environmental impacts at our manufacturing sites since 2007 by: 21% Energy, 15% for C02, 30% for water.”

My question is now. These are all activities which show that these companies can do stuff so what is the impact of all these activities? They are no were to be found which means that these companies are very active reducing their emissions but have no idea why or of it really matters.

Just food for thought that when you look at the next report then try to notice if the company have even bothered to investigate what the real impact of their actions are.