Companies roasted by the media reveal interesting insights into US companies

Getting negative press or getting roasted by the media can be a very unpleasant experience for any organisation. The Flame index is a, proprietary algorithm, which reviews more than 12,000 news sites and ranks fortune 500 companies on the amount of negative coverage, live and on the web.

At the site you will be able to review and evaluate on a quantitative basis the:

– Public perception against competitors
– Instantly measure the media effect of corporate news events
– How organisations manage their brand risk in the marketplace
– Correlate Flame Index position to changing stock price * The index bottom often indicates the best control of information and media spin

The flame index was started as a research tool in 2008 at NY Innovation Design Lab (nyidlab). It was used as a general metric to evaluate companies and their risk in the media. Publicly-traded Fortune 500 companies are used as a measure to calculate an overall market of negative news and the companies are ranked within that market.

It is interesting to see that both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are high on the list. After years of turmoil around the two mortgage companies the heat is coming back due to its high quarterly losses. Also Toyota seem to be in a continuous struggle over its recalls of cars ”The recent recall of another 2.1 million vehicles in addition to the 14 million recalled globally underscores the basis of our floor-mat defect claim in our case against Toyota.” (Hagen Berman: managing partner of Hagens Berman and co-lead counsel in the Toyota litigation.) a “This latest recall also substantiates the economic loss claims detailed in our suit. If you ask an average consumer whether a Toyota is worth more or less today, in light of these serial recalls, I would venture to say that the majority will say ‘less.’” Shich just underscores that the crisis of Toyota is far from over and there is more to come.

Google is on the top of the list because it has been unable to come up with anything innovative themselves but simply rely on buying other companies as the only strategy. This is of cause unsustainable in the long run and will eventually lead to that other companies will take over its place as “the biggest on the web”.

This is the score as of 10:20 28th of February

01 Google 33.643 up 9
02 Forest Laboratories 33.091 up 4
03 Freddie Mac 31.863 down 2
04 Helix Energy Solutions Group 30.406 up 15
05 Toyota Motor Corporation 29.424 up 7
06 Walt Disney 28.672 down 3
07 Fannie Mae 27.982 down 5
08 Holly 27.921 down 1
09 Itron 27.645 up 2
10 Wells Fargo 26.003 up 22

The Flame Index pulls in data every second, 24 hrs per day from over 12,000 news sources for the 1,000 companies on the index. The proprietary Flame Index engine evaluates, articles, news sources and analyzes negative coverage to create an overall score. Each company is ranked based on that score. This also results in an overall Flame Market of negative news. The speed of updating the index every hour enables the Flame Index to evaluate which companies are most “on fire” right now. To date over 1 million articles have been evaluated.