Vestas from the air

I have been on one-week tour of the western part of Denmark and took the opportunity to have a view of Vestas facilities seen from the air. Among the sites were the 5 MW giant mill that will is to supplemented by a 7 MW mill later this or next year.

Vestas logisticsThe Vestas shipping facilities at Ringkøbing in western Jylland. Looks quite busy on the docks which is good for my portfolio.
wind millSecond picture shows the 5 MW mill in action. Not the best picture but it is quite difficult to hold the camera steady while you are flying a small plane.
Vestas windmill farm

I tried to capture as much of the windmill farm outside the factory however my objective could only get part of the huge complex.
windmill factory
This is the plant itself. From the air it looked fairly busy so it could be that the value of the company measured in the current stock price is somewhat under the mark.