ISO14000 for SME

In order for small and medium size enterprises to make it among all the big companies out there they are often required to present documentation for their CSR efforts.

A new tool is provided from ISO called ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems – An easy-to-use checklist for small business – Are you ready? And it provides some of the basic checklists that most companies will ask for in a supplier.

ISO claims that some 223000 companies are now using their environmental standard and it is bound to have an effect on subcontractors around the world. It has for a long time been nearly impossible for SMEs to provide documentation for the environmental management work but with this new tool they at least have a fighting chance to get into the game.

I for one welcome the initiative. For years SME have had to invent their own systems for coping with customer pressure now they will have a affordable system that can be handled with the minimum of resources required. I have in the past been quite critical of some of the stuff that ISO does but sometime they do get it right and this is one of those times. See more here.