The online relationship – Build to last?

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We seem to be more and more fixated with building relationships online. I for one have hurled myself at blogging, twitter, Facebook, flickr, slideshare, several dozen online communities and chat rooms. But when it comes to building real relationships there is no alternative for the real life experience. For one I try to meet as often as possible with the people I relate to online in real life. It is not always easy with busy schedules and all but by making an effort and in general I believe I’m doing quite good if you ask me. However, I as many others tend to slip into the comfort of the laptop instead of going outside to meet actual people. So my pledge will be to  get out of my comfort zone and get out there where real people meet.

What got me thinking was this infographic that Sarah Wenger send me called the “Psychology of Social Networking” which I have attached below. The thing that caught my eye was that even though we send out millions of posts, tweets, etc. every week it would seem that the main theme is the preservation of our own self image as successful, energized and (most of the time) happy.

Well, here is Sarahs food for thought

Psychology of Social Networking


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