Kellogg gets fined for cornflakes “cure for cancer”-lie

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Food safety control in Denmark punishes Kellogg to assert that Allbran-cornflakes prevent cancer.

At the Kellogg’s official website for their breakfast cereal ‘Allbran’ one could until recently read that Allbran-cornflakes could prevent cancer, heart disease, constipation and hard stomach. But now, Kellogg has been forced to remove the section because they can’t prove the claims about the product’s many benefits. In addition have the Food safety control also made an issued a fine of 15,000 kroner (about 2000 Euro). Which is not much compared to the large revenue that Kelloggs make every day.

Kellogg was unable to substantiate the allegations; if Allbrans had any positive effects on consumer health rather the opposite seems to be the case.

“The law is such, that a company cant issue a product which is labled or in a similar may indicate that their product have beneficial or preventive effects on diseases or other types of medical conditions, unless EU has estimated that the documentation is in order,” said Rikke Hansson from the Regional food administration.

Already in June the food safety control discovered error on Kellogg’s website, but the company had months after still not removed the section on the homepage, called “Fiber prevent lifestyle diseases‘, and therefore the company have now been used with a fine.

Kellogg acknowledges that they have committed a mistake and the section on the website has now been removed.

»Food Agency has drawn our attention to a section of text on the website which they did not assess in line with the approved claims. We have closed that page, “writes Kellogg Communications, Vibeke Haislund.


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